Whitfield Associates

Established in 2003 Whitfield Associates are an independent water consultancy specialising in business stream. Since its formation the partnership have discovered overcharges by business stream on over 60% of their clients and have recovered monies that otherwise would never have been identified.

The Opportunity

The water and sewerage industry is rapidly changing with new tariffs allowances and benefits being continuously introduced. Therefore is your company taking full advantage of the opportunities that are currently available for reducing costs.

Whitfield Associates offer a service which will ensure the water & sewerage services that you purchase are.

Tariff Savings

Each location is analysed to identify the best available tariff structure and that all allowances and benefits are currently claimed. The recommendations are reported to the client and with their agreements Whitfield Associates will carry out all negotiations with the supplier in order to secure maximum refunds.

Conservation Savings

In conjunction with arranging to purchase water and sewerage services at the lowest possible price Whitfield Associates also ensure that efficient use is made of these resources by carrying out on-site surveys. These include identifying and correcting underground leaks, assessing alternative sources of water, installing water conservation devices and the consideration of other opportunities.

The recommendations are fully costed and reported to the client. With their approval Whitfield Associates implement and monitor the savings that are achieved.

In conclusion the service ensures that our clients secure every possible saving en-route to achieve a goal of. "Paying the lowest unit cost for water and sewerage services and of using these services in the most efficient manner".